Energetic Household Cleansing

Originally published on, April 28, 2012

There are some things that are the same no matter what your household looks like – someone has to clean the toilets, wash the dishes, and do other general housekeeping tasks.

But do you do energetic cleaning of your home regularly?

Most households don’t operate the way mine does – because of my daughter’s medical condition, we have in-home nursing and in-home therapy. Most weeks we have 10 non-family people in and out of the house, and some months it’s as many as 20 people total through my home. My kids are both still in diapers, and yet their bathroom goes through more toilet paper in a week than the rest of the house uses in a month!

Needless to say, it often leaves us all feeling a little crowded, and a little like we need a bath. Add to that a preschooler who’s a little over-anxious and over-sensitive to energy shifts (which result in nightmares), and energetic cleaning of the house becomes just as important, or more so, than the physical cleaning.

Our go-to cleaning method here is smudging with sage – even with the kids with breathing issues and oxygen tubing everywhere. For us, good sage from a known source doesn’t set off anyone’s breathing issues.

Typically, I start at the front door of the house. I say a brief prayer to my patrons and to the spirits of our house and our land, asking them to protects us and to help remove any negative energies from the house. I then work my way counter clockwise through the entire house (up and down stairs, around through each room). I make a pentacle (I use the banishing pentacle that starts at the lower left point, but you might find something else works better for you) at each window and mirror, and seal each door as I exit a room. I continue this way until I get back to the front door, and then I seal that door.

Right now, we’re smudging about once a week, sometimes a little more often. I find sometimes if a little more deep cleansing is needed, dragon’s blood or copal works well in place of sage.

There are other ways to purify your home too – maybe try a purification by drumming, singing, or laughing. Or maybe you have some other incense that you prefer.

However you cleanse your house, a little energetic hygiene can improve the feel of your house quickly and easily.

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