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Blood on the Moon

Wednesday was the new moon. My menstrual cycles – the first since I gave birth this spring – started on last month’s dark moon, and I anticipate this month’s to begin any day now. Fitting, but bittersweet all the same since there will be no more babies (clearly, two very early and fragile births is enough). And while I didn’t miss this visitor, who has never  been monthly for me….there’s power here. A powerful symbol of life and death and everything in between; a powerful magical tool.

The Dianic priestess I originally trained under was sure we were all meant to bleed with the mother at the full moon. She felt that the most appropriate thing to do with that blood was to sit on the earth and bleed under the full moon. Clearly, she and I have some differences of opinion, and one of those is in what to do, ritually speaking, with moontime blood.

We also have some differing opinions on how one’s cycles ought to align with the universe. There’s some folks who think that the full moon coincides with ovulation, for example, thus making the dark moon the time to bleed. And if the waxing moon is the time to bring things in to our life, that matches more with the first weeks after your period – the body is making things ready for the creation of life, ready to nurture the embryo if it forms.

Big, Dark, and Scary likes some odd offerings, but menstrual blood and dark rum or bourbon seem to be her favorites. And the dark moon is great for banishing old things so new ones can take their place. So this month, I’m asking for the road ahead to be smooth – at the very least, mark all the turns and keep the path well lit, even on dark nights like this.

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3 thoughts on “Blood on the Moon”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. My cycles are normal only because I am on hormones. My cycle also falls on the new moon so I appreciate the information and thoughts you shared on having a menstrual cycle at that phase rather than the full moon. It is almost Samhain as well. This is going to be some very powerful changes and shedding of old skin for you. Blessings on your journey.

  2. Hi Janet! Love the new blog–or old blog. LOL. Either way, it’s new to me. Interesting post.

    Sounds like the second little baboo is here–I must have missed that news. Hope all is well with the family. Please keep in touch and let me know how y’all are doing! bobbi c.

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