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Review: Nightmare & Monster Spray

So, back in August, I was at Pagan Pride Detroit, and I ran into Rowan Moss and T.S. Lamb, the author and illustrator (respectively) of the Pagan Children Learning Series.

We had a nice long chat about the state of publishing, and what things were what, and kids, and Pagan things for kids…and Rowan offered me a bottle of their Nightmare & Monster Spray to try out.  She developed it for her son, who had been having terrible dreams. She’d gotten him a dream catcher, but he was convinced that it wouldn’t work without being cleaned, so this became part of their cleaning ritual.

nightmare spray

Now, my kiddos sleep pretty well these days – so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to try this out to review it. But, never fear, fate had other ideas.

After a round of particularly odd and unsettling dreams, I sprayed all around our bedroom, and the bed. My husband saw me and asked what I was doing. I explained the concept, and he sort of pooh-poohed it, but then said that all the dreams he remembered were things most people would consider nightmares (true statement – if you’ve ever heard about any of his dreams you know his are just creepy). I laughed and said, “well, if it’s any different tomorrow, you’ll have to let me know!”

Fast forward 12 hours. He looks at me and says, “so…um…I didn’t have any strange dreams last night…I guess it works.”

Well then.  There you go.

I know Rowan and T.S. were going to be working on a shopping cart, but I haven’t seen it yet. Meanwhile, I suspect if you stop by their facebook page and ask, Rowan can get you a bottle of this stuff.

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