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On Paying Pagan Presenters

Out there in the big Pagan blog-space, there are some discussions going on about what presenters at festivals are paid (answer: usually not much, sometimes nothing).

Some people are stepping up and saying, no, this isn’t right, and I’m not going to continue to lose money doing this.

And some are saying life isn’t all about money, so get over it.

Generally speaking, I’m with those who aren’t participating anymore. Much though I’d love to go to more events, I don’t just have my own expenses to consider, I need to wrangle child care – as I’ve said before, I can’t participate in most events if I take my kids, and if I don’t take them, that limits how far I can go, and/or I have to pay a sitter.

If I have to pay a sitter, plus pay for travel and a hotel or camping space, plus the event….yeah, it’s just not going to happen.

Sorry y’all. When we figure out this whole community thing, and how to support the people who we want to learn from, let me know.

I’ll be teaching some local classes, and vending at some local events. Local single day things are well within my budget, especially if I can vend or get some payment for the work I’m doing.

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