On Santa and School

I knew that sending my kids to public school meant they’d be exposed to a lot of things that I may or may not agree with. And that’s mostly ok, as far as I’m concerned – they need to see other perspectives and that not everyone is like them (but they can still be friends).

I am, however, a little taken aback by the obsession they have with Santa this year. Our school is pretty diverse. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. And yet…Santa is coming to my daughter’s preschool – and we needed to provide a gift for him to give her. And my son’s elementary school has acquired an Elf on the Shelf in order to “help with keeping order,” in addition to Santa frequently visiting their “holiday” sing-along assembly (ostensibly, there are songs that are not Christmas themed at this event, but I haven’t managed to attend yet, so I don’t know).

It’s not that we don’t do Santa at all, but he’s not such a major focus of our winter holidays.

And it makes me wonder how other parents who aren’t so focused on Santa feel about all this.

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