It’s December Already?

Ok, where did the year go? How is it already December? I know I didn’t sleep through it, because I’m way too tired to have actually slept that long.

School for the kids has taken considerably more time and brain power this year than one would have expected. It’s complicated, when you have complicated kids.

And getting Parenting Pagan Tots out there in print was exhausting. It may be the first creative project I’ve ever really compared to a child, because it’s certainly taken almost as much out of me to get it published that my kids’ births did.

I’ve been thinking a lot. And realizing I have more ideas than time to implement them. Which is both good and bad…but I need to do more writing (which it seems like I’m saying that a lot, again). And while I’ve done a lot of work on marketing in the last couple of years, I want to really focus in on writing more and teaching. That’s my plan for 2016, and I’m really hoping to stick to it.

Right now, in line with my flower essence fascination, I’m learning more about how they work with the body. And I’m diving deep into essential oils – both for wellness and for magical uses. So hopefully I’ll have more to share on those fronts too in the coming year. Along with the usual – book reviews, discussions on community and kids and special needs, family life, and more.

Thanks for hanging in here with me!

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