Pendulums and Complex Questions

So, what happens when you want to ask something beyond yes and no questions? You could, I suppose, break everything down into yes and no questions, over and over again.

Or, for something like homeopathics or flower essences, you could check each item. “Will this X help me with problem Y today?” But then, in the time required to do that, you could also muscle test each item. And what if you don’t actually have the thing that would be most helpful on hand? You can’t actually test something if you don’t have it…and while some stores would be fine with you handing every last bottle in the store, and dowsing for each one, not every store is going to be thrilled with that.

So, you need a chart. (Which is where we come all the way back around to the beginning of this discuusion – after all, I learned that Bach flowers existed from a book of pendulum charts).

Most charts and boards are either a circle or a half circle with pie shaped pieces – A quick Google Images search will show you lots of examples. I’m choosing not to reproduce them here because I recognize a lot of those images from books, and I’m seriously doubting that they all have appropriate approval from the owners. I find half circle ones to be a little easier to work with, because sometimes a circle might give you two possible answers in the too-and-fro motion of the pendulum.

Typically, you would ask first, “does this chart have the information I need?”  Or, in some cases, if you have a book of charts, there will be a chart to dowse to find out what chart to use. If you’re doing your own charts, a number chart is frequently useful – “How many remedies should I use?” or “What percentage of my problem is X?”  Then, dowse for the first item, or the second, or whatever.

I am including a blank 20 slot pendulum chart for your use – fill in the slots with whatever choices you’re trying to choose between, and see what your pendulum says.

If you’re interested in learning more about dowsing, You might be interested in some of the courses offered by the British College of Dowsing, and in their books and charts.

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