Pendulum Basics

There are literally over 46 thousand videos on Youtube on how to use a pendulum.


My guess is that after the first video, you’ll have easily heard 75% of the stuff in all of them, because pendulums do one basic thing: they move back and forth.  Oh, sure, they can swing in a circle, and that’s a pretty useful thing, but as that circle becomes more and more of an oval, you’ll see that it’s still really just swinging back and forth.

Hand with pendulum for dowsing.

Pendulums are simply a weight on a string. Many necklaces can be pendulums, as can numerous other things you’ll find laying about. You could make one with twine and a rope if need be, or a rubber band and a paper clip. You need enough “string” for the “weight” to be able to move back and forth – you can hold it at the end of the string, or a little farther up, it’s really up to you.

Most people go for something pretty that they can use regularly, something meant to be a magical tool that they will use over and over again.

After cleansing, most people start out by “teaching” a pendulum to show them yes and no (usually straight in front of the person for yes, left to right for no), or by asking the pendulum to show them yes and no. As a child, I learned that if you put a pendulum over a pregnant woman’s belly, it would circle one way for boy and the other for girl (though, for the life of me, I can’t remember which way was which).  You should probably ask about “maybe” and “ask a different question” – those are frequently either clockwise and counterclockwise circles, or they’re the directions between “yes” and “no.”

The beauty of this simplicity is that pendulums are great for making choices.  Should I choose X, yes or no?  Should I choose Y, yes or no? So you’re saying I should choose both?

You can also use this in place of muscle testing (which is a way of using kinesiology to tell if something is good for you or bad for you).  Pendulum, will this food nourish my body right now?  Will this homeopathic remedy help me with problem X right now? Is this plant the thing that’s setting off my allergies?

And just how do you pick out the right pendulum for your use? Maybe you will look for a stone that you prefer. Or maybe you’ll see it and just know. Or you’ll find something that you really like the look of. Maybe it’ll be a gift. Or maybe you’ll pick up various pendulums and ask them if they’re right (which is part of why you should cleanse any new pendulum, as noted before).

I asked my friends at the Pagan Business Network for referrals of folks who make or sell pendulums, pendulum boards, and dowsing rods and put this list together. So, if you’re looking for a new pendulum, these would be a good place to start.


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