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Call For Submissions: A Pagan Child’s Book of Prayers

I am seeking submissions for an anthology of prayers suitable for Pagan children (ages 0-12)  from many different traditions.

Categories for prayers will include the typical mornings, bedtimes, and mealtimes, but will also include things like gratitude, starting school, the death of a pet, safe travels, healing for a friend, and more – anything that a child might be interested in asking for the help of the Gods and Goddesses in their lives. Prayers may be to specific deities, or may be more general.

Prayers should be less than 100 words in length. Because this is specifically for children, rhyming prayers or prayers that maintain a rhythm are preferred. Multiple submissions from the same contributor are encouraged.

Submissions will be reviewed, and editing may be suggested before a submission is accepted.

Submissions, inquiries, and questions can be sent to

Accepted prayers will be paid at a rate of $0.03 per word of the finished and accepted piece upon printing, plus one copy per contributor. Contributors will be allowed to order copies at wholesale cost.

Illustrations also wanted. Please contact me for more information.

Deadline for initial submissions is August 1, 2015. Expected publication is November 2015, but this may change if there is not sufficient submissions.

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5 thoughts on “Call For Submissions: A Pagan Child’s Book of Prayers”

  1. I sent in a submission a little while back, but haven’t heard back from you yet. Just wanted to make sure I sent it to the right email and all, if this project is still in your plans (or if you got enough submissions).
    Thank you.

  2. Blue: I completely missed your submission in my email, but I have it.

    I will be extending the deadline for submissions because I’ve gotten tied up a bit on my book launch.

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