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Ritual Bathing

Born of Water:
Cleansing, Powerful,
Healing, Changing,
I am.

A variety of things are going on here, and I frequently find myself overwhelmed and out of sorts – so much so, that there are days I wake up in the morning  from a sound sleep, already touched-out and feeling like I’ve been around too many people in too small a room for too long a time. Since my husband and I share a master bedroom suite bigger than some apartments I’ve had over the years, that’s a problem.

I’ve often said that one of the uses of magickal tools is to help us reach the right ritual state. While I don’t use a lot of tools….I keep them around for times where I need a little extra boost. Lately, the tool I’ve drug out of storage has been the ritual bath – or the ritual shower, as it generally ends up at our house.

One of my primary matrons is tied to flowing water, and a ritual shower, for me, has long been a quick way to connect with Her. Flowing water balances the shields and chakras, bringing fresh energy in and washing away what’s no longer needed. It helps me center, helps me ground – helps me shrug off the excess energy that builds up in that over-stimulated state.

What things do you do to help you find your center when things get rough?

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