Happy New Year!

I’ve spent several hours over the last 2 days re-organizing and cleaning up in my meditation room/library. It’s needed it for a while – we emptied the walk-in closet 2 years ago this February, to replace the carpeted floor with hardwood. Much like the state of the books thrown haphazardly on the shelves, my spiritual life (and, really, the rest of my life too) has been a turbulent and jumbled disarray.

I’d like to say that this little step – driven by needing a book I can’t find, for the third time in as many weeks – marks the beginning of changes for the better, but after the last couple of years, I’m loathe to put that idea out there, only to not follow through. Things here are different than they were 3 years ago – it’s not good or bad, just different – and I’ve really struggled to figure out how to fit anything into that new outline.

I have committed to write every other week for a new group project over at – I’ll be writing on altars and taking submissions of others’ photos of their altars.

I do want to do more writing, more thinking, more meditating, more ritual. Our local community still tends towards disfunctional, and I feel I need to find a functional corner of it to hide in, for my child’s sake. But I’m also tired, and need a break. Here’s hoping this year I find a better way to balance it all.

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