Published Works

Print Media

Wealth and Abundance, published in Manifesting Prosperity: A Wealth Magic Anthology– Published by Immanion Press, and edited by Taylor Ellwood

Modern American Polytheism originally published in Cup of Wonder Issue 7. Cup is no longer being published, but back issues are available, and can be purchased on the “books” page.

I Need More Feet, published in Shades of Faith: Minority Voices in Paganism – Published by Immanion Press, edited by Crystal Blanton

The Thin Veil, published in Pagan Writers Presents Samhain – Published by Pagan Writers Press, edited by  Camenæ deWelles, Angelique Mroczka, and Rosa Sophia

Parenting Disabled Children, published in Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul – Published by Immanion Press, edited by Tara “Masery” Miller.

Smudging, published in Shades of Ritual: Minority Voices in Practice – Published by Immanion Press, edited by Crystal Blanton

Native Appropriation, published in Bringing Race to the Table – Published by Immanion Press, edited by Taylor Ellwood and Crystal Blanton

Parenting Pagan Tots, published by CreateSpace.

Print Magazines

Mama Bear: Mothering for the Strong of Heart, column in Sage Woman Magazine, beginning in spring 2014.

EBooks & Online Courses

Pagan Parenting in the NICU, an eBook published for Parenting Pagan Preemies

Planning Pagan Holidays, a free mini-class on preparing for holidays

Energy Work For Pagan Tots, a meditation and energy work kit for parents with children under age 5

Columns and Blogs

Janet Callahan – This blog and website, with a combination of what I’m writing, general Pagan thoughts & observations, and other creative projects

Our Little Acorn – the ongoing saga of raising two children with complex medical issues in a Pagan household

Parenting Pagan Preemies – a support network for Pagan parents in the NICU and after their children leave the NICU

Altars – a bi-weekly feature on from January 2011 to May 2001.

The Sabbats – before and after posts for each Sabbat in 2012, with a “what we plan to do” post before the Sabbat and a “what we actually did” post after. Imbolc and Ostara osted on, rest of the year on

Guest Posts

Everything She Touches Changes – on being a Pagan Parent with a special needs child

DIY Play Therapy – an article on working with special needs children with specific fears.

Fluff Mom Monday – an interview about our life with cloth diapers

Pagan Parenting, Special Needs Style – an article on being a Pagan parent with a special needs child.

Pagans, Hospitals, and Premature Babies – an article on being a Pagan in the NICU, and about the Parenting Pagan Preemies group that I founded in 2011.

Energetic Household Cleansing – an article on keeping the house clean on an energetic level.

We Live This Life to Experience It – an article on being Wiccan and having special needs children

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