Pagan Parenting in the NICU

Pagan Parenting in the NICU is a helpful guide for Pagan parents dealing with stresses of the NICU and challenges unique to being a minority faith in a health care setting. Included are various ways to bring faith into your child’s space, dealing with discrimination, and helpful resources. This short books is based on our more than 15 months in the NICU between two micro-preemies, and draws on my experiences to make recommendations and provide support for other Pagan NICU parents.

Are you a Pagan parent with a child in the NICU? Do you know someone who is?  Parenting Pagan Preemies has a program to send care packages to current NICU families (including a copy of this book!) – visit  the Parenting Pagan Preemies blog for more information


Facing North

Pagan Dad

Pagan Families



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  1. [...] welcome. So if you have a child in the NICU or know a Pagan who does then pick up a copy of this book for them. You won’t be [...]

  2. [...] book is available here at Smashwords for .99, Amazon for $4.95 (paper format), and more links at Callahan’s blog. *I find pictures of NICU babies deeply triggering. I will not post the book cover for that [...]

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