Rune Stones

Set of 24 elder futhark runes, plus spare stone (for use as the “blank rune” if that’s your thing, or to save in case a stone is damaged or lost). Each set comes in a cloth bag, and comes with an instruction sheet.

bloodstone runes
bloodstone runes

I’ve been making runes for over 10 years – I can’t read tarot, but runes work really well for me, and I started making runes because there were not many places to purchase them for my own use. I use a special heat-setting paint that generally doesn’t chip or rub off, and I have several sets that I used to do public readings several times a month for 3 years that do not show any signs of wear.

Some people carve their runes into their stones; my relationship with the stones is such that I feel they are complete and whole by themselves, and I do not want to interfere with that wholeness in the process of creating rune stones.

amethyst runes
amethyst runes

Most sets have stones in the 1/2″ to 1″ range. I try to match sizes within a set fairly closely. Interested in a stone you don’t see here? Email me and let’s chat. I don’t have as many stones on hand as I used to, but I can usually get interesting things here and there, either from known suppliers or at local gem shows. I’ve done everything from river stones and sea shells to rubies and emeralds, so nothing is really out of the question.

Current stock:

Bloodstone: $18
Blue Chalcedony: $25
Aquamarine: $35
Amethyst: $20
Green Amazonite: $24
Blue Tiger Eye $18
Lepidolite $34
Clear Quartz $18
Blue Lace Agate $18
Lapis Lazuli $32

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