Playsilks and Altar Cloths

These 100% silk scarves are dyed using professional grade acid dyes, so please wash by hand in cold water with very gentle soap. Some variation in color is to be expected, as each silk is hand dyed by me.

a rainbow of chakra silks

A chakra rainbow of 7 silks – use for color healing, chakra work, altar cloths and more. Silks make great open-ended toys for all ages.

In stock right now: 35″ square silks and 11″ square silks in 7 chakra colors, 17″ square silks in 4 elements.

Looking for something else? Other sizes or colors? Contact me and let’s see what we can work out.

Set of 7 chakra colored 11″ silks: $21
Set of 7 chakra colored 35″ silks: $70

size :

Set  of 4 element colored 17″ silks: $20

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