A Magical Night’s Sleep

Do your children (or you!) wake up in the wee hours and struggle to fall back asleep?

Are nightmares a regular problem?

Have you read that book, Go the F— to Sleep and thought, “This is my life!”

Getting a good night’s sleep is important – you know you are grumpy and struggle to pay attention all day when you haven’t slept, and if you have children who don’t sleep, you know that that means you don’t sleep either – and grumpy parent plus grumpy kid makes for a pretty miserable day.

If you’ve tried all the mundane things that are supposed to help with a sound night’s sleep (or even if you haven’t), and you’re still struggling, maybe it’s time to try something more magical.


This video course will be ready in January.  You’ll receive an email with login info.

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Option 1: Oils and Essences kit. 1/2 ml vials of 4 common oils, 5/8 dram bottles of 3 Bach Flower Essences. Add $20.

Option 2: Stone kit. 6 small quartz points, 6 tumbled rose quartz, 6 tumbled blue lace agate.  Add $45.

Option 3: Dream Catcher kit. A five inch diameter dream catcher kit. Add $25

Option 4: Deluxe kit: All of the above options. Add $80 – $10 savings!

Meanwhile, join us in the Magical Moms Club to talk about it!

A Magical Night's Sleep
A Magical Night's Sleep
Is someone at your house having a hard time sleeping? Learn some magical ways to help!
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