Darkness and Shadow

Originally published on, October 2000 Clothed in Darkness, Shrouded in Light, Moon skims the sky, Forever in flight. Cloked in Shadow, Exceedingly bright, Puts on a show, Glorious sight. Deep in the Darkness, Glowing and White, Moon travels slowly, Night after night. Hidden in shadow, Fallen from height, Leaves as a view, Morning sunlight.

Essays, Modern American Polytheism

The Philosophy of Modern American Polytheism

I've explained before that I am a Modern American Polytheist. Here, in a nutshell, is what I think Modern American Polytheism means. Definitions First, Polytheism. Polytheists believe in more than one (and usually more than 2) deities. Whether you worship/honor more than one deity is irrelevant - obviously, no one could worship every God and… Continue reading The Philosophy of Modern American Polytheism