Me!Howdy! I’m Janet. Welcome to my little corner of the web. Come on in, pull up a chair, and grab your favorite beverage (I prefer caffeinated most of the time, but a glass of wine is good sometimes too!)

I’ve been working with children most of my life (though that’s not what I do for a day job), and I am now the lucky Pagan mama of two amazingly wonderful children. I’ve been Pagan for nearly half my life now, and my spouse and I want our children to be raised in a way that brings them in harmony with the world around them, honoring our traditions.

But the resources out there to help me figure out how to raise them in a Pagan family seem….lacking. There are some real gems here and there. And there’s a lot of really blah boring stuff out there. In-person communities are fairly hard to find. And I’ve been told a number of times that if I wanted a group or a particular activity for the kids, maybe I should just start something myself – which reminds me of the year we quit 4H because my mom said if she had to lead all of our project classes anyway, why bother with their rules, when we could just go do whatever interested us.

So…here I am, creating the things I wish I could find for Pagan families of all sorts. Here’ you’ll find philosophy, parenting, ¬†observations on community and our experiences within it as a Pagan family, along with a variety of related things. I¬†have a special pull towards the special needs and disability communities within the broader Pagan community too, because of our experiences with our medically complex children, both of whom are former preemies.

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